Vedia Solutions, certifies that the products sold through this website have been manufactured and qualified against a thorough product specification and has been independently tested and passed the bio-compatibility tests. Given the unique nature of each application, and that the fabrication of an appliance is dependent on the material, the thermoforming machine, the mold, and the skill of the technician, we only warrant that each of the products sold through this website meets our rigorous specification.

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Please note that, unless specified through a written and signed document between seller and buyer, no material sold as “medical” or any other such plastic materials shall be used for removable dental appliance, permanent or temporary implant(s). Vedia Solutions does not assume any liability whatsoever for those materials sold in which the buyer intends to use our plastic products as a removable dental appliance, permanent or implantable material – despite any private testing, advice, recommendations or information supplied from any source.

Concerns on Biocompatibility Tests performed on Taglus:

Taglus Thermoforming foils passes The Cytotoxicity, The Skin Sensitization and The Skin Irritation tests vide UL Project #4788877994 with study numbers 073/265, 073/267 and 073/266 respectively. These tests are in accordance to a document published by the US FDA “Use of International Standard ISO 10993-1, “Biological evaluation of medical devices – Part 1: Evaluation and testing within a risk management process” can be accessed at, issued in September 4th 2020 and originally published in June 16th 2016.